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                FLIPORT HOTEL

                 Fliport Hotel Group owns 5 brand series as follows: Fliport Hotel, Fliport Resort, Fliport Garden, Fliport Casa and Fliport Inn, running 11 hotels in Xiamen, Fuzhou, Jinjiang, Zhangzhou, Longyan, Wuyishan, Lhasa, and Huangshan with 5 hotels under construction, possessing almost 5000 guest rooms, following the core value of urban oasis and the supreme virtue as water, providing customers with differentiated services, devoted to becoming the most influential hotel group in west side of the Taiwan Strait, radiating the whole nation.

                Xiamen Fliport Hotel Group Co., Ltd.
                    Fliport Hotels & Resorts, a subsidiary of Xiamen Iport Group, specializes in construction and operations of high and medium-level hotels, along with some relevant businesses including convention & exhibition (C&E), media, foodstuff, etc., thus forming a whole industry chain. With its 5 distinctive hotel brands Fliport Hotel, Fliport Resort, Fliport Coso, Fliport Garden Hotel, Fliport Inn, Fliport Hotels & Resorts owns 22 hotel properties located in 10 cities of China. With its influence and reputation in the region to west of the Taiwan Strait and nationwide, Fliport ever won the honorary titles of “Top 60 Hotel Groups in China”,“Top 10 Best Hotel Management Groups of China”, “China's Most Attractive Hotel Group in Brand”, “Most Progressive Hotel Brands of China”, “Best Hotel Owners of China”.
                Xiamen Fliport Huixin Hotel Co., Ltd.
                    Invested by Fliport Hotel Group and having management contracts with Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., the hotel is well located near Xiamen Culture & Art Center with 45 floors height, 169.3 meters altitude and 304 rooms and suites.
                Xiamen Fliport Wutong Hotel Co., Ltd
                    Fliport Hotel Xiamen Wutong: Located in xiamen Wutong strait tourism service center, this hotel covers an area of about 87,000 square meters with 600 guest rooms, each room possesses more than 50 square meters. The Hotel is devoted to providing five-star business service including oceanview guest rooms, catering, entertainment and leisure for tourists from all over the world, supported by top SPA club and international luxury fashion center, best restaurant centre with sea view and an amazing private beach with luxury yacht dock.
                Xiamen Fliport Exhibition Co.,Ltd
                     FCEC is from One of the Top Ten State-owned Enterprises in Xiamen. Fliport Fully-owned construction. from Fliport hotels & resorts Xiamen wutong fliport hotel Integrated operation.FCEC built in the 89000 sqm area with 4 storeys. On the first and second floors are 30,000 sqm of show space; All meeting rooms and banquet halls are available on the third floor and forth floor; The main banquet hall is around 1300 sqm; The building ‘s exhibition facilities are complete. In addition, the independent kitchen and business center are the most regional modern one. The building is connected with Fliport Wutong Hotel and Ferry Terminal, Straits Building, Travel Expo Center by an external landscape corridor. It has become a landmark in Xiamen and a model for the Exhibition Industry since it was built.
                Xiamen Fliport Software Park Hotel Co., Ltd.
                    The hotel provides 356 well-equipped rooms, 3 restaurants, 2 grand function rooms together with 14 other multi-sized meeting rooms and 2 exhibition halls. Its 25,000m2 subtropical garden is the best choice for outdoor activity.
                Zhangzhou Fliport Yuanshan Hotel Co., Ltd.
                    Located in entral Zhangzhou, covering an area of 50,000m2 ,the hotel has 299 rooms and suites, 4 holiday villas, spa, hot spring bath, landscape architecture and entertainment facilities, with which you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Jiulong River and Yuan Mountain.
                Jinjiang Fliport Shiji Hotel Co., Ltd.
                    The hotel has 302 rooms, an 1,300m2 conference room and an 15,000m2 subtropical garden which is the only garden hotel in Jinjiang. Guests having flight in Xiamen Airport can check-in at the hotel, enjoying the easy check-in VIP experience of Xiamen Fliport.
                Longyan Fliport Jinghua Hotel Co., Ltd
                    Located at the east side of Longyan city avenue, this five-star hotel of Longyan Fliport Jinghua Center complex is the city’s landmark. It sits at Longyan municipal administrative and commercial center, adjacent to the biggest shopping plaza and the People's Square. The platinum five-star business hotel is as high as 180 meters, possessing 180 rooms and suites, covering catering, accommodation, leisure and entertainment, providing comprehensive and personalized business hotel services with grand banquet hall for one thousand guests , midair swimming pool, SPA center, business center, conference center and other functional areas.
                Fliport resort valley longyan Co., Ltd.
                    Located in the famous national scenic spot Guanzhai Mountain, the Fliport Resort Valley Longyan is a hotel for vacation, health and recreation run by Xiamen Fliport Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xiamen Iport group. An exclusive forest park covers 400 mu(about 270 thousand square meters) with flash air and beautiful scenery . Blending perfectly together natural appeal, landscape sensitivity and hakka culture as a whole, the hotel is committed to providing guests with natural, rusticly charming, healthy and caring experience.
                Fuzhou Fliport Seaview Hotel Co., Ltd.
                    Located in the southeast of Fuzhou Changle International Airport, covering an area of 73,000m2 the hotel owns 400 guest rooms and suites. There is an artificial waterway in the hotel through which guests can take a boat to lobby and guest room area for check in service.
                Xiamen Hisilk Artwork Center Fliport COSO Hotel
                    Xiamen Hisilk Artwork Center FliportCoso Hotel is the first theme hotel of the Fliport Hotel Group with fine art products as its carrier. Located in the 250,000 square meters of Haisi Art Center, our hotel is only 800 meters away from Xiamen Gaoqi Airport. The hotel is featured with convenient transportation and beautiful surrounding environment. It is close to the beautiful Li Liao Lake and has an excellent location to provide guests with unparalleled convenience of connection. As the first Coso brand hotel of the Fliport Hotel Group, the hotel has 155 rooms with different themes, as well as western restaurants, conference rooms, bar and outdoor gardens. We’re dedicated to satisfying the high-end life. No matter you are collectors requiring a short stay, or artists and business travelers with unique tastes. In the atmosphere of art, we allow you to taste the rhyme of culture by creating a new way of modern hotel service.
                Xiamen Airport Garden Hotel Co., Ltd.
                    Opened on Dec. 18th, 1996, with 4-star standard design and decoration, the hotel integrates accommodation, catering and entertainment, providing safe, clean, comfortable and convenient catering, accommodation and a series of supporting service.
                Fuzhou Airport Garden Hotel Co., Ltd.
                    The hotel is located in Fuzhou Changle International Airport with only 5 minutes’ drive to the Terminal and a few kilometers to the coastline and golf course. Equipped with regional upscale catering and exclusive conference resource, surrounded by beautiful subtropical garden, the hotel is a priority for business trip and travelling.
                Lhasa Garden Hotel Co., Ltd.
                    Sitting in downtown Lhasa, the Lhasa Garden Hotel is only 50 kilometers away from city airport, which takes 5 minutes’ ride from hotel to the railway station and 10 minutes to the Potala Palace. You can check in your flight and get your boarding pass at the check-in counter in the hotel lobby.
                Wuyishan Fliport Inn Xiazhou Hotel Co.,Ltd
                    Owning the Hui-style architecture and an atrium garden flourishing with flowers, the hotel has beautiful natural scenery which brings you back to nature to experience a pleasant and high-quality trip in dual World Heritage Wuyi Mountain.
                Shanghai Fliport Garden Hotel
                    Shanghai Fliport Garden Hotel is affiliated to Fliport Hotel Group and is a four-star business hotel within the Hongqiao Airport area. The hotel has a total of 180 rooms, with a Chinese-Western restaurant, a lobby bar and a gym. It is dedicated to creating the best business hotel in the Greater Hongqiao area.
                Nanjing Fliport Garden Hotel Co.,Ltd.
                    Nanjing Fliport Garden Hotel is about 300 meters from Nanjing Lukou International Airport terminal 2, just a 5-minute walk. Hotel under renovation in 2018, after the newly opened, with 126 comfortable rooms, sitting on a patio garden, apron viewing platforms and other unique scenery, replete with 24-hour restaurants, books, gym, travel or transit Nanjing airport is the ideal choice for travellers.
                Xiamen Fliport Inn Wanghai Hotel Co.,Ltd.
                    Located in the Xiamen Software Park, next to Xiamen Fliport Software Park Hotel,covering an area of 13,000m2 the hotel owns 230 guest rooms and suites. With fresh environment and cozy decoration, all kinds of guest needs can be meet hear.
                Fuzhou Fliport Inn Haibin Hotel Co., Ltd.
                    Located 200 meters away from Fuzhou Airport Terminal, surrounded by elegant natural environment, the hotel has 94 exquisite guest rooms and provides various Chinese cuisine, comfortable conference facilities and free airport pickup service.

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